Tu voto es tu voz

With the election only twelve days away, Hispanic Americans have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process of the United States of America that they helped to create.  In key states where elections are hotly contested by an uncertain margin of a few points, Hispanics can make a difference.  In Nevada and Florida, for example, Hispanics compromise 10 to 15% of eligible voters.  The races for Governor and Senator in California will be heavily influenced by Hispanic voter turnout.  Even in Arizona, Hispanics compromise 25% of eligible voters.

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities that we have as citizens, an opportunity that was earned for us by the courage of those who founded this country.  Despite, or perhaps because of this opportunity to make a difference, we are seeing unconscionable attack ads urging Hispanics not to vote in this election.  Both Univision and Telemundo have decided not to run the ads.

Please remember  to vote, for the party of your choice.  It’s our privilege, our responsibility, and our voice to speak for ourselves and about our aspirations.

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