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Welcome to your place.  Latinx from Central and South America and the Caribbean have a long history and presence in the United States of America, beginning with helping the estadounidenses to win the American Revolutionary War.

The Revolutionary War was a long and difficult war.   The North Americans faced many serious problems to provide the military supplies and money to help their Army to win.

During the late 18th century, the United States of America were a nation of farmers, and did not have the economic power to produce the quantities of supplies that were needed for the war.  Basic supplies such as uniforms, shoes, gunpowder, cannons, mortars, and guns had to be imported from other countries.  The bright green United States of America dollar did not exist, and the colonists often used silver pesos from the mines in Mexico, which they called “Mexicans”.

The Spanish and Hispanic Americans helped to provide these supplies and money to the estadounidenses.  In 1779, the Spanish declared war on the British, and began fighting in the southern United States.  The Spanish and Latino soldiers fought from Pensacola Florida to San Carlos Nicaragua.  The British then had to use soldiers and supplies in these battles that they would have otherwise used against the North American Continental Army.

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