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Hispanic Culture Applauded by Beluga Whale

viernes, agosto 26th, 2011

Apparently, there are some places in the United States where Hispanic culture is greeted with appreciation and ‘applause’ .¬† This particular place is under water, but still counts:

“Anything but shoot them”?

miťrcoles, julio 13th, 2011

Congressman¬† Brooks has taken the anti-immigrant rhetoric to a new low — or is new height of inflammatory speech?¬† “Anything but shoot them”?¬† Really? Perhaps the Congressman needs a history lesson — if the Native American nations had done everything but shoot his ancestors, he may not be here either.¬† Time for a new march on Selma!

Casey Anthony and the New American Bogeyman

miťrcoles, julio 6th, 2011

Sociologists and psychologists will be arguing over the national obsession with the Casey Anthony trial for months to come.  But few seem to have noticed what the case reveals about our attitudes towards the New American Bogeyman, or in this case, New American Bogeywoman:  Hispanic Women.

Casey Anthony quickly pointed to her ‚ÄúHispanic babysitter‚ÄĚ, named ‚ÄúZenaida Gonzales‚ÄĚ.¬† As we are now aware, Casey Anthony never met Ms. Gonzales.¬† One of the over 400 women named Zenaida Gonzales in the state of Florida had the bad luck to view an apartment nearby, and this¬† innocent woman‚Äôs world has become hell.

Casey Anthony is not the only one.¬† Remember Jennifer Wilbanks of Atlanta, the runaway bride?¬† Ms. Wilbanks was supposedly kidnapped in 2005 by a ‚ÄúHispanic woman‚ÄĚ with a white male accomplice?

In our recent past, the American Bogeyman was an African-American male in a knit cap.  At least that’s what Andrea Yates assured us in 2001, after she killed her five young children.  Ms. Yates initial statement blamed the then current American Bogeyman.  Police even released a sketch of the fictional young African-American male, complete with knit cap.

For the next few days, as a Hispanic American woman, I‚Äôll be pondering how I became the New American Bogeyman.¬† There are the obvious explanations of the increase in the Hispanic population, an undercurrent of racism given that many Hispanics are biracial (Native Americans who have been here for over 30,000 years).¬† Why we have collectively chosen Hispanic women — far too many of whom meet the profile of Zenaida Gonzales, a powerless,¬† impoverished single mother struggling to support her six children — requires more introspective thinking on my part.¬† Please check back!

435 Internos Hispanoamericanos para el Congreso

martes, enero 11th, 2011

Mientras el Congreso debate cómo administrar la seguridad futura de sus miembros, se recomienda contratar a 435 becarios estadounidenses de origen hispano, en vista de las acciones heroicas y decisivas de Daniel Hernandez para ayudar al Representante Giffords. La posibilidad de otro incidente trágico es, afortunadamente baja, pero el Congreso necesita personal dedicado de pensamiento rápido para administrar las medidas propuestas para actuar de enlace con las autoridades locales para futuras apariciones en el Congreso. Teniendo en cuenta los presupuestos ajustados, los internos de alta calidad son una opción excelente. Y con el calibre de personas disponibles como Daniel Hernández, vamos a dar cabida a más hispanos en el Capitolio.